This is perfect if you want to get your social media up and running in a timely fashion, learning what and when to post how to get followers and how to generate leads.

The course comprises of 3 sessions within with one month with a further months support thereafter. 
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  • Tutor
    Phil Gee Goldberg
  • Level
  • Coaching time
    6 hours
  • Study time
    6 hours
Who Is This Course For?
This course is ideal if you are a :-
  • Start up business
  • Operating business but no social media presence
  • Rebranding/diversifying your business
  • Great on one social media platform but needing to branch out
  • Personal brand wanting to stand out from the competition
  • Just needing a push in the right direction
What Experience Is Necessary?
We have worked with people who have never owned a mobile phone so no level of experience is necessary. As each course is bespoke to you, we will develop a plan specific to your knowledge and level of confidence.


  • 3 Sessions
  • 1 Certification
  • 1 Months Support

So what will the course cover?

  • Choice of 2 platforms from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, depending on who your ideal target market is.
  • All your accounts set up, branded and optimised for you.
  • Functionality within each platform

Also covering...

How to:-
  • Quickly gain targeted followers
  • Create a social media calendar for content
  • What content to focus on for your business and sector
  • How to create graphics
  • How to schedule content to free up time
  • How to drive traffic to your website
  • How to analyse progress
Social Media Academy are the go to guys for all things social media. I feel like I’m now ready to not only take on the scary world of social media but i'm also equipped with a positive mindset! A big thank you Phil, to you and your great team
Phil certainly knows his way around the current Social Media platforms, techniques and trends. His coaching style is friendly and relaxed, which many small business owners that are nervous about the whole Social Media issue find very reassuring.
Meet the instructor

Phil Gee Goldberg

Phil is a social media expert of over 15 years standing. He and his team have managed the local social media accounts for over 400 businesses including McDonald's, Costa Coffee and Dreamworks. Phil also coaches and mentors business owners who, whilst being great at running their businesses, are lacking in know how or confidence when it comes to marketing. His courses are designed to be easy to follow and for the information to become second nature by the end of his courses.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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